Wednesday, May 24, 2006

May 2006

Well, I have reluctantly placed another piece of “real” Ellensburg Blue agate on eBay again. . . While I prefer not sell (strictly a hunter and collector) it’s difficult for me to sit back and watch sooo many people being ripped of by sellers offering (some knowingly and some unknowingly) fake Ellensburg Blue Agate. If I can help educate just one potential victim, it will give me at least a little piece of mind.
Some of you may be asking yourself, “why don’t you just expose the fake sellers?” bottom line; I am not an eBay policing agent.
Beyond my attempt to help educate folks, it’s as they say, “Let the buyer beware!”

On a positive note: Check out some of my newest finds on the homepage of my website

*While there is "fake" Ellensburg Blue Agate sporadically sold on eBay, there are also a handful of honest, credible and genuine sellers too. (Auctions start and end all the time, therefore this blog entry does not refer to a specific point in time on eBay)