Saturday, June 23, 2007

First post in 2007!

Well, obviously I don’t spend a lot of time updating this blog and for the same reasons, the website.
As you may have ascertained through my writings, I am not in the business of Ellensburg Blue, rocks or gemstones. For me, this is simply an outlet to showcase some of my finding and share information about this unique agate found exclusively here in Washington State.

I receive frequent email for a lot of great folks around the country. (And the world for that matter) Most of the mail I receive falls into three categories, which are:

1) Where do I find the stuff! (Or variation thereof)
Sorry – as you may have read, virtually all of the hunting grounds are on private property.

2) I have some blue rocks – is it Ellensburg Blue? AKA If I wish hard enough, can I say its Ellensburg blue and sell it on ebay?
Except in rare cases, I have quit trying to help people identify their finding, because frankly most of them don’t have Eblue and want to deny the fact even after they discover the truth. As a matter of fact, a lot of it does ultimately end up on e-bay, only to be sold to some trusting – unsuspecting buyer.

3) I like the site – thanks for the pics and info.
Now this is the type of email I appreciate most – thank you!

If you do send me a note for whatever reason, please keep in mind that for me this is a hobby and passion, not a business. Therefore it could be days, weeks or possibly even longer before I get back to you, if at all, depending on which category you fall in above.

In closing I might add that while on an occasional blue moon I do have a private – limited sale on a few select cut blues, I do not make a habit of selling my agate.
I would guess that ultimately, it will end up in a nice little museum somewhere for everyone to enjoy.